Look Out Below! Diving Off The Age Cliff.

I. Am. Getting. Old.

I'm 37.  Yes, you may gasp, or make the obligatory "you're not old", "you're not that old", or "you're as young as you feel" comments.  It's all right.  I grew up in "heaven's waiting room" in Florida, and my closest friends were elderly, so I have a bit of a different outlook on aging.  I see wrinkles wryly smirking from my undereyes and laugh lines that laugh at my attempts at concealment.  They're saying, "You've done a lot in 37 years, and it's starting to show." 

It's 6PM, I'm at work, I have a cold, I'm finishing an install, and I'm wearing no makeup.
Yep, this is me at just about my worst, short of being nauseous.

As my husband affectionately says, I'm one of those girls who looked ageless... and like most alabaster stawberry-blondes, I took a swan dive off the age cliff at about 35.  There's only so much I can do to slow the hands of time.  People in my family age in dog years once the process starts.   No, we don't smoke, drink to excess, sunbathe, tan, or live hard.  We are just those delicately skinned people who age quickly.  I have seen my future through my late grandmother, and well, it's a matter of fact. 

Grandma (93) and her doppelganger, my cousin Heather (28), September 2015
"When 93 years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmm?"

I'm not one of those girls with a graveyard of abandoned beauty supplies.  I do have a stockpile of beauty bargains, but I don't like to waste anything.  That said, I am also very selective about what I will use, due to sensitive skin and allergies.  Influenster and L'Oreal hooked me up with a complimentary VoxBox of Revitalift Volume Filler products to try out and review.  (Free stuff! We can all get behind free stuff, right?)

The VoxBox!  Thanks Influenster and L'Oreal!

The contents!
Instruction Card, Eye Treatment, Serum,
Moisturizer, and Night Cream
The concept:
From L'Oreal: "Dermatologists’ latest approach to anti-aging is not just about chasing after lines and wrinkles, it's about replenishing skin's volume. Skin loses volume when levels of Hyaluronic Acid—a naturally occurring, hydrating substance within the skin—starts to decline. As volume is gradually lost, the effects of gravity become more apparent—skin loses fullness."

The basics:
Texture: balanced. Not slimy thin or overly thick.  Does not appear to be comedogenic in the three weeks I've been using the products (the spots on my chin are, ahem, "monthly").
Fragrance: typical L'Oreal - a little strong for my taste, but it's not setting off my allergies, so that's a plus.  Fragrance is consistent across all four products.

The details:
Eye Treatment: works well with my Clinique Dark Circle corrector for daily undereye treatments.  I really like the precision tip which enables delivery of just the right amount of product for each eye. 

Serum: absorbs quickly, leaves skin soft, does not interfere with moisturizer or sunscreen.  Like the Eye Treatment, I love the pump packaging design for precision delivery of product.

Moisturizer: absorbs quickly, leaves skin soft but not oily, and does not interfere with makeup primer.  A little goes a long way, only need to use about a fingertip's worth, morning and evening.

Night Cream: Absorbs more slowly and feels a little heavier than the moisturizer, but then again, it's working all night.  Won't rub off or leave stains on your pillowcase (even navy flannel).

The verdict:
Does it work? As a preventative, yes, slowly.  I've also been under a lot of stress and sick twice in the past month, so my use of the product has been intermittent, and not at the best time.  When life calms down in a month or so, I'll have better results to report.  At this point in my life, I need all of the prevention I can get my hands on, so I will definitely enjoy continued use of these products. 

Special thanks again, to Influenster and L'Oreal for the complimentary goodies! 

Want your own? Head over to Influenster and register!


  1. Thanks for linking my post! I'm always a fan of L'Oreal products, they always seem to do the trick and for a good price!
    Sophie x


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