Thanksgiving in Florida

Over the river and through the woods... no snow? No problem! Thanksgiving at my parents' (now the grandparents') house in Florida is always green and mostly tropical.  Which means that when there's a turkey to roast, we all melt out of the house onto the patio.  You know what it's like when the oven is on all day.  Now add that heat to the normal 78 degrees indoors and... well, call us from the pool when it's time to split the wishbone.

Otherwise, the pictures do all the talking.









  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Those seashells are so pretty - my grandma used to have so many of them in their beach house when I was younger, and they bring back memories!

    I love seeing the kitty pictures, of course ;) Your little ones are the cutest!

  2. Wait until you see what I do with those seashells... gotta go find the hot glue gun.

  3. It sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving! Love the shells and plants, what will you do with them?

  4. I make Christmas ornaments, candles, decorative baskets, wreaths; you name it, I can (most likely) make it. Just need time.


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