I recently made a quick trip out to Denver to attend the funeral of my grandmother.  She was a month shy of 94, and I hope to be half the spitfire she was.  A German redhead, she was fire coming and going, mule stubborn, and the most giving person I will have ever known.  May she kick the heavenly biergarten into high gear.

Just a few shots from the trip:

Pike's Peak - visible from the front deck of my Aunt's house.

Amber is a lovebug...

...and a total princess.

Dorado is camera shy (really!)

I was literally on the ground for 36 hours. No time to do much except hang with my extended family, attend the mass, and pet the dogs before I was headed out.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother. At least you got to see family and spend time in such a beautiful place!

  2. Thanks, Morgan. She was ready to go meet God.

    I was able to give my cousin (another ChemE) a huge noogie for not having seen him in 20 years. That alone was worth it.

    True story: My grandmother passed away in her sleep, on the sofa. Good way to go. So, as the family is waiting for the funeral director to arrive, my grandmother is peacefully laying on the sofa, and all of a sudden, my uncle starts hearing SNORING COMING FROM THE DIRECTION OF THE SOFA. As you can imagine, he about freaks out. It turns out to be Amber the goldie, snoring in her nap behind the sofa. We swear that grandpa whispered in the dog's ear to get one last laugh.


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