Avoiding the "Mondays" after the Holidays

For most of us, a holiday weekend means a four day stint away from the office.  Woohoo!
And for most of us, the Monday back is hellacious.  Boo.
(I cheated this year.  I worked from home, mwahaha…)

There's a lot of things that are beyond your control when returning from a holiday weekend (or vacation for that matter), but there are several things that you can do to help avoid having a royal case of the Mondays when you get back.

  1. Write the To-Do list for Monday before you leave.

  1. When you get home, put together your outfit for Monday, including hair tie, jewelry, and cosmetics.  Keep it as simple as possible while remaining professional.  Hang it in your closet, or on the back of the bathroom door.


  1. Pack your work bag for Monday, and put it next to the clothes.

  1. Pack your lunch.  If you can, pack all non-perishable goods and place your lunch next to your work bag.

      • Bag of trail mix
      • Apple + nut butter
      • Protein bar
      • Can of soup
      • Water bottle (empty)
      • Drink mixes

You want Monday to be as stress-free as possible while you nurse the "back to the grind" hangover.  Taking a little time when you get home on the first afternoon of holiday break will save your sanity and make Monday a bit happier (and more productive).


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