And so this is Christmas...

The holidays, like my birthday, tend to taunt me.  They mark the passage of time.  Time, like a flowing stream, slows for no one.  It is precious and finite, and all too easily squandered.  John Lennon's immortal "War Is Over" rings in my ears throughout the season, from Thanksgiving through the end of December; a refrain questioning my actions over the past year.

And so this is Christmas / And what have you done?

  • My children are healthy.
  • My husband loves me (and I him, naturally).
  • I'm mostly succeeding in my day job.
  • My blog actually has fans.  Whoa.
  • I've gained 20 lbs.  Ouch.
  • Put the Indy house on the market.
  • Inked a multi-year lease in central Ohio.
  • Made some awesome new friends -  you know who you are.
  • Failed to return to rugby (thank you, shutdowns!)
  • No new writing on my novel this year, which means it's still not done.
  • No new crafts this year, which means I still have 6 totes of supplies.
  • Still haven't fully unpacked and organized my china cabinet (it's only been 5 years, sigh).
  • Haven't saved the world.


Another year over / A new one just begun

  • I need to drop the baby weight, for my health, sanity, fashion sense, and self-esteem.  There's nothing worse than trying to dress for an event and finding that you literally have NOTHING to wear, because none of your dresses zip.
  • I need to work more on my blog and budding social media empire, so I can show women and girls that it's okay to be yourself in a tech/industrial setting.  I still don't have a picture of my tools, for goodness' sake!
  • I need to finally unpack my bedroom, and dining room, and office.  Would you believe I still have no idea where my Sharpies are? Or my wineglasses? Or my dresser trays? I think my sanity may still be in bubble wrap.
  • I need to close the sale of my house in Indy.  It would help to have an offer, right?  Anyone out there in the market?
  • I want to return to playing rugby - get some of my swagger back (and relieve stress)!  Nothing like a 5K with a ball to chase, willing victims to tackle, and beer!
  • I want to get involved in my community - work towards saving a little corner of the world.  Get my kids involved in volunteering and service early. 
  • I want to go through my craft supplies and complete my handmade IOUs to certain people.  I had it all cleared out in 2010, and then, ooh!  Sales!
  • I want to spend some serious time on my novel, maybe in NaNoWriMo.  It's only been gestating for 22 years now.
So much I want to do, need to do... and the world keeps turning.


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