Summer Movies!

This summer has been horrendous for weather.  The sun hasn't bothered to show up, the mud is up to my ankles, and the pool water is still in the 60s.  Ugh.  It's been a stay inside and watch movies type of summer.  We all know that Independence Day is probably the consummate summer popcorn flick, but you can only watch Jeff Goldblum save the world so many times. Here are some of my favorite alternatives to try:


One Crazy Summer - this little gem is hysterical.  Dodge the surplus-loving survivalist and the giant dolphin with rabies before the fuzzy bunnies destroy the hot hippie's house. (Say what? Just watch it.) Grab your Viking helmet and prepare to blow the hatch.

Grease - We go together, enough said.  Singing every song at the top of your lungs is absolutely required.  Engineers just need to watch it for the car.


Summer School - can you imagine Mark Harmon as a young slacker teacher, in need of a Gibbs head thump? More irreverent and self-effacing than "Stand and Deliver".  Good luck digging up this underrated find (because it's not on Netflix yet).

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - an homage to all things childhood, with a film noir edge.  Or is it a send up of film noir while turning childhood memories on their ear? Whatever it is, it's brilliant.  It was a riot in childhood, and it's even funnier now that the jokes don't sail clear over my head, haha.

What is your required viewing on rainy summer days?


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