The Big Move (Part 2)

Moving is frequently a comedy of errors.  The best laid plans go awry, and when there are small children involved, there is no planning.  Just get the kids out of the way and get the stuff on the truck.  Part 2 of the 2015 moving odyssey.

  1. Find out that we now need a toilet lock, because Miss A. thought Piglet would like to go swimming in the powder room.
  2. Kids can easily unplug television and cable in this house...
  3. Must replace triplet table hardware ASAP - kids are now strong enough to move the tabletop off of its temporary footings.
  4. Overgrowth in back yard is riddled with poison ivy.
  5. Cats love the abundance of birds and squirrels in the back yard.
  6. Choke the lawnmower on the dense grass (clover!).
  7. Interesting things in found half buried in the yard: bocce ball set, rebar, railroad spike, PVC pipes to nowhere, dead sprinkler...
  8. Discover bag of mulch that has lain fallow for so long that it's now compost.  Use in garden box.
  9. Discover bag of paver sand that has lain fallow for so long that it's now a massive ant mound. Swat ants off arms before collecting double-digit bites.
  10. Neighbor kindly informs us that the garden box installation was two or three occupants ago. (explains the mulch and sand issues)
  11. Attempt to install triplet table legs.  Miss K. "helps" by unscrewing the screws we had just put in.  In other words, our 16 month old can undo screws.  We're so screwed.
  12. Still can't find all of my pink tools.
  13. Can't find my collection of Technicolor Sharpies either.
  14. I have a shutdown starting in three days. Where the hell is my athletic tape and prewrap?!
  15. What do you mean, you used ALL of my pink duct tape for packing boxes?!
  16. Somebody unpack the bourbon, please?
It's going to be a long summer...


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