The Big Move (Part 1)

I've had to go incognito for a little bit, due to a nasty little confluence of events, sapping my time.  I know, "day ending in y" and "get it together!" You know it's bad when giving in and getting a full night's sleep causes you to miss deadlines.

Two months into our 2014 lease, we knew we would have to move at the end of the lease.  Loft + daredevil toddler(s) = catastrophe waiting to happen.  Not that they can climb over the loft ledge at this moment, but this time next year, you'd better believe it.  Then we realized that my commute was in excess of 45 mins each way.  Not conducive to family life. 

Moving, with toddlers and cats

  • Find house.  You know that it's the right house when the stranger anxiety ridden toddlers hop out of their stroller and start running laps around the kitchen.
  • Plan meals for the subsequent 4 weeks to utilize all contents of chest freezer, fridge, and pantry.  (Give up after 2 weeks, when Hubby wants to go out.)
  • Have yard sale - use cute toddlers as marketing tool.
  • Take unsold items to Goodwill.  Then to Habitat for Humanity.  Then to homeless shelter.  Then to curb. (Craigslist FREE STUFF!!!)
  • Pack, a few boxes per day, in the late night after the kids go to bed.  Daylight Savings Time does not help in putting kids down early.
  • Reserve truck.  Find out that all 26' trucks are sold out, except at the rental agency in the "hood".
  • Beg inlaws to take toddlers for long weekend. 
  • Load down car and deliver toddlers to grandparents', four hours away.  Drag self back.  Crawl into bed at 0300.
  • Finalize lease.  Sign life and bank account away.
  • Find out that basement has started to grow mold in the 3 weeks between initial viewing and lease signature.  Cannot move anything into basement.
  • Collect speeding ticket from holiday weekend speed trap.  $172 that I no longer have.
  • Cram all remaining crap into boxes, bags, suitcases, and the chest freezer.
  • Bribe coworkers with FREE BEER and pizza to assist with loading/unloading.
  • Coworkers marvel at the volume of contents in the basement - and how brilliantly Hubby packs the truck.  (Hubby is the master of trunk / truck Tetris.)
  • Use injured coworker to wrangle cats into carriers.  Bandage coworker's new wounds.  Give him an extra beer.
  • Confuse current house's garage remotes with new house's remotes.
  • Unload truck - in the garage.
  • Load cat boxes and release very confused cats in bedroom.  Poor kitties.
  • Find out that new house's refrigerator is dead.  Landlord is on vacation.
  • Manage logistics to procure new fridge, upon obtaining blessing of said vacationing landlord.
  • Find out that half of electrical sockets are dead. One of which goes to the washing machine. Oh this will be fun…
  • Find out that we need new dryer cord because the socket is a different configuration.
  • Clean the house while Hubby goes to get the kids.  Kids get home at 2300, and are WIRED.  Kids finally go down at 0200.  Work starts the next day at 0700.
  • Caffeinate up and get to work. Have nice, easy 15 minute drive.  
  • Realize that I now have 12 open projects and one eager minion, er intern. 
  • Delegate all work to minion while spending the day on the phone to transfer utilities.
  • Dig through boxes to find sippy cups and toddler plates (because they had a breakthrough at grandma's).
  • Misplace hardware to triplet table.
  • Misplace phone chargers.
  • Find out that we need way more socket protectors and cabinet locks for this house. 



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