Project Manager Credentials

A humorous little metaphor to kickstart the weekend. 

Being a project manager (of any discipline) is akin to herding cats.  Having to keep all of the cats focused on the mouse without being distracted by the butterfly out the window or the fly on the lampshade.  Providing the right motivation (cat treats).  Resolving cat fights and other flying fur.  Cleaning out the litterbox from time to time. 

Here are my credentials:

The great cat herding of 2012
(clockwise from top: Tony, Abby, Phoenix)

Pardon the blurriness - the photo was taken with a Blackberry, and cats are cats.  I took this on the eve of a three week plant shutdown, for a client whose team was, shall we say, easily distracted.   This was my proof that "if I can actually herd cats, then I can handle this project."  Every client since has gotten a charge out of it - and sent me a request for proposal. 

What have you done to herd the cats today?


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