Creature Feature - Squeakers

If you recall the Black Friday Shopping post, you may have noticed a little photobombing action. 

A few years ago, we developed a "little furry problem", to borrow from Rowling.  This mewling ball of fluff walked into our lives while I was tied up on a project out of town. 
Ridiculously cute, right?

Way too cute to be left alone outside.  In our neighborhood, he could have become street pizza or, more likely, a coyote snack.  So we brought him inside, gave him the first of many baths, and fed him, with the intention of finding him a good home.  He was only about 3 lbs, two of which were comprised of dirt and the biggest fleas we had ever seen. 

And so little - only about 8-10 weeks!
Then tragedy struck.  Phoenix, our alpha-male tabby, died suddenly, leaving a giant hole in my heart.  Our other fuzz, Mira, Tony, and Abby, were not up to the task of being the leader of the pride.  Once he was vetted and verified to be virus-free, we let the little furry problem out of quarantine to become socialized.  And then he took over.

Exploring my domain.

My under-the-bed-cave!  My orange shoelace!  MINE!
(Would you look at the size of the mitts on this guy?)

Not-so-hostile takeover complete.
Setting upon naming the little guy, super-husband dubbed him "Mr. Squeakers", which became "Squeakers", then "Squeaker", or more colloquially, "Squeak", "Squeaks", or "the Squeak".   He is our speed demon ball of mischief, who taunts the kids, and his furry house mates. 

"You're in kitty jail, you know what that means?  Hahahaha!"
It turns out that this little guy was brought to the farm behind our house (at the time) to be a barn cat, but he was just too sociable.  He had run off four times, had been returned three, and finally found a home with us.  The farmers were concerned about him, but as barn cats come and go as they please, they weren't too worried.  They were just happy that the kitty would be cared for. 
Can I pick 'em or what?  Suckers!

He now attempts to "help" me with work-related (and more importantly, food-related) tasks.  Laying on paperwork, chasing the mouse, chewing on cables - I guess he's trying to remind me to take it easy and pet the kitty. #PetsAtWork
This is so boring, mom!

How about a cat tail to lighten the mood?


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