Black Friday Shopping, 2014

This is a touch late.  Christmas has come and gone and I still haven't published my Black Friday scores.  So here we go.

I will actually brave the crowds on Black Friday.  It's one of the high holy days of shopping, where true deals can be had, on actual things you need, if you know where to look.  I'm not talking about being camped out in front of a big box store and missing the important holiday time with family.  I'm talking about playing it smart, knowing what you have and what you need, and planning your attack.
We had planned to hit up a handful of stores this year, pending traffic, time of day, and how the kids were feeling.   Since the kids were at their grandparents', and battling their first nasty change-of-season colds, we kept the shopping to a bare minimum, only going to two shops.
First up, my FAVORITE STORE IN THE WORLD, Clearance Outlet.  This place rules.  This is where I score my designer shoes and accessories for a song.  This year, the Black Friday sale was all stock 70% off retail price (not as epic as in years past, but still worth attending).  The objectives were shoes for the kids and maybe a dress for me for my brother's wedding.
Success on the kids' shoes - six pairs of toddler shoes for the spring/summer. 

Keen shoes, Footnotes and Stride Rite sandals

 And mama scored a few pairs of shoes as well; one for work,  one for weekend.

Then there's the $12 Jack Spade iPhone case.  The constellations are so me.

Said yes to this little black dress.

Found another pair of shoes that I adore, but have no earthly reason to own. 

If they were plain pink or nude, I would have snapped them up in hopes of using them for a future pageant.  But the lace overlay and the rhinestone encrusted heel kind of limited their usage. 

Then, the Eddie Bauer Outlet Store (Shoppes at the Bluegrass location) was having 40% off their entire stock, and of course, their clearance racks at 50-70% off.  Eddie Bauer is one of the few brands that makes tall pants for women that actually fit properly and are durable enough for industrial work.  These are one of my fashion secrets for going from plant to office to meeting to after hours event.  Unfortunately, this location did not have the pants I was looking for this time.  No worries.  I did score an assortment of useful goods.

Two polo shirts for work, his and hers waterproof phone cases, multi-carabiner keychain, tech gloves, and portable device charger (in pink!).  I had seen portable device chargers hyped as the "IT" accessory gift of the year.  Travelon is a decent brand recommended by the business traveling set, so at $18, I had to pick this up.  And it's in PINK! WOOHOO!

 Squeaker gave the haul his paw of approval, so it must be good.

I swear, these kids are going to be so spoiled…

Our kids didn't just get boring old shoes this time.  Their aunt and uncle also delivered three coordinating teddy bears. 

Later to come - tips and tricks for outlet shopping success!


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