Thanksgiving 2014

So this is a little late.  Delays happen when you have three kiddos who are teething and suffering from their first change-of-season head colds. 

We have much to be thankful for in our house this year.  Chief among them are these:

  1. Healthy, awesome, beautiful little girls.  There is a sea change in the level of risk between a twin pregnancy and a triplet pregnancy.  We were blessed that I could carry them to healthy, albeit premature delivery.  We are blessed that they have no significant complications due to multiple birth or prematurity.  We are blessed that they are healthy (save for their current head colds) and vital, active and curious, happy and loving.  They make us laugh every day, and for that, we are thankful.


  1. Healthy recovery from pregnancy.  What they don't tell you about a multiple pregnancy is that there is sometimes more risk to mom than to the kids.  I guess it was a fair trade that in exchange for healthy triplets, the doctors had to work a little harder to put me back together.   I still have some baby weight left to lose (who doesn't?), but I am upright, walking, and working again.  At the end of January, I didn't know when any of those activities would happen again.


  1. New job with a company that "gets it" with regards to treating their employees as professionals and not as resources to be utilized and then expended.  This position will allow for professional growth, as opposed to establishing firm ceilings that I inevitably hit, as well as allow me to build my project team(s) from the ground up, as I am involved with establishing a new branch office.


It's been a roller coaster of a year, with holidays and winter shutdown looming.  Thanks to all of you for actually reading my occasional rambles.  More fun to come!


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