Color Coded Tools - ooooh, pretty!

One of my vendors absolutely LOVED his set of color coded Allen keys from PB Swiss Tools.  I knew I wanted to introduce my very visual hubby to the line of technicolor tools.  I LOVE these things.  We color code our housekeys to remember which door they go with, why not color code hand tools to easily know which tool you need, or better yet, which one is missing.

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At $80, the large hex key set (left) is not cheap, but it is lifetime guaranteed by the manufacturer.  Made in Switzerland of a proprietary steel alloy and precision milled.  In other words, completely worth the investment.
Also madly in love with their screwdrivers...
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And you can even invest in an entire set of tools with personalized color handles.

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Unfortunately for me, the personal line tools are only made in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black.  Maybe if enough interest is generated, PB Swiss Tools might see the rose-colored light and add pink to the options.  Hmm?


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