So what have I been up to...

"False start, five yard penalty, repeat first down."
So, here we are again.  I've been batting around the idea of a blog in my head for about four years now.  I actually started working on it in the fall of 2012.  Even had a basic blog and first "test" post up in January 2013.  But two things intervened - perfectionism and anxiety.  Both little demons tend to invade my life whenever I'm about to do something radically different.  I grew up hearing "don't set yourself up for failure" as well as "don't air your laundry in public"; phrases that are intended to encourage both planning and discretion as keys to success.  They also encourage anxiety and inertia in a type-A personality. 

However, successful bloggers recommend the exact opposite: "just do it". 

In a new job, new house, new city, new life; what better time to start… finally?


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