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Back in Business!

What a mad year it has been.  When I had to leave the party, I was in final preparations for a cross country move.  I won’t bore you with the details, so here’s the short version (which is never short):

vMoving with two year old triplets, three cats, and my mom in a minivan is NOT for the faint of heart.  Hello motion sickness and messy diapers.
vSharing a hotel room with my snoring parents, my active triplets, and my scared cats is also nuts.

vMy family is awesome.  We may be weird, but we’re one tight knit tribe of wackos.
vEnded up staying with my parents for 8 long months, due to unforeseen financial issues.  4 adults, 3 active toddlers, and 5 cats in 2200 sq ft for 8 months.  We drove each other bonkers, but it’s all good now. 

vBuying a house in Florida is complicated.  Too many sellers have inflated opinions of their property’s value, especially with estates; and it’s so easy to get sniped on the sale, when other buyers will make greater-than-asking-price offers.  Damn you, HGTV.


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