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Big changes are aflutter here at the Hawks' Nest. 
Really big changes.

No, we're not pregnant. (Sheesh, really? Remember what I said about the double-x factor?)

The zoo is getting a new habitat.
A warmer one.

We're going home to Florida.  For good.

I've accepted a new position with a pharmaceutical company in Tampa Bay.  It's a full time, in-house job where I will be using every engineering and compliance skill that I have developed and refined over my career as a consultant.  No more working project to project, constantly looking for additional work or new clients.  No more starting over every 6-12 months.  No more moving to a new city every 2-3 years.  Complete stability.

Did I mention that the facility is TWENTY MINUTES from my parents' house?  We are literally going home.

So it might get a little quiet around here for some time.  We'll be moving cross country, camping at my parents', and looking for a new house, all while I'm starting a new gig.  Just …

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